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Dear Parents and Carers,
I hope that you and your family are having a lovely, if somewhat different, summer.  As a school we are looking forward to welcoming your children back on Monday the 7th September when we are able to reopen to all of our school community. 

As I outlined in my letter prior to the summer holiday there will be some changes to our school day, classrooms and school routines.  Please refer back to this letter and discuss these changes with your child in the run up to the reopening of school as this will help ease their transition back into school life.  I have listed below some of the main differences for you to share with your children. 

- A staggered start in the mornings. Allocated fixed end of the day time.
 - Increased hand washing and use of hand sanitiser throughout the school day
 - Classrooms will be set out in rows (their teachers will show them where to sit)
 - Break times and lunchtimes in their Year group bubbles
 - No whole school gatherings e.g. worship times
 - Classes groups will be grouped as ‘bubbles’ 
Guidance for drop off and collection times 
It is vital to ensure the safety of our children and their parents that you please follow the guidance below: 
Only one parent to access the site to drop off or collect your child. 
 Parents of children in EYFS, Year 1 and 2 to take their children to Class 1. Please try not to approach the classroom door to ensure social distancing. Your child’s teacher will be waiting at the open door to welcome your child and to take them from you into school. 
Reception children will be taken to the EYFS outdoor area by Mrs Resul.
Class 2 children (Years 3 and 4) will need to be dropped at the gate and sent to line up at the main school front door. Please try to bring them to the main school gate where our drive is and their teacher will be waiting to welcome them from the open door. This will minimise the number of parents on the school site. 
Class 3 children (Years 5 and 6) will need to go to the Village Hall front door, marked IN. Again, their teacher will be waiting at the open door to welcome them. 
Classes 2 and 3 do rota their use of our school rooms, on a weekly basis. Both areas will be thoroughly sanitised between weeks.
Any messages that need to be communicated to staff to be emailed to the school office where they will be passed on to the relevant staff member.   In the event of an urgent message please ring the school office. 
 Please only access the school site during your allocated drop off and collection times. 
Please bear with us on the first few days when it may take a little longer for children to access the school building as many children are returning after a long period of being at home.   It is important that you talk to your child about these new arrangements and are positive about what will happen when they return to school.  Members of school staff will be available to help support you as we all adjust to this new way of working. 
We want to ensure that the system is as smooth as possible for all involved and will continue to review the procedures over time and update you of any adjustments. 
Drop off and collection times  

Class 1 (Reception, Years 1 and 2) 
9.10am – 3:35pm

Class 2 (Year 3 and Year 4) 
9:00am – 3:25 pm 

Class 3 (Years 5 and 6) 
8:50-3:15 pm  

Items brought into school

Please ensure that your child has all of their belongings with them to ensure a smooth transition into school. Every child MUST bring a waterproof coat into school EVERY day. We will be going outside as much as possible and every  break will be spent outside as this is the safest activity for the children. If a child turns up without a coat we will be ringing you to drop one off for them. Coats will be hung on the children’s chairs in Classes 2 and 3 but Class 1 will continue to use their cloakroom area in their classroom. 

We will be providing the children with all the equipment they need for school. (felt tips, pencils etc) So children do NOT need to bring pencil cases in from school.

PE Kits

No bags can be brought into school on any day. P.E. kit must be worn on the children’s P.E. days and not left in school:

Class 1    Tuesday , Thursday

Class 2    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ( in case of wet weather there is an additional day for this class)

Class 3     Tuesday and Wednesday

P.E. kit must be black or navy joggers or shorts white tee-shirt and trainers. Please ensure your child can tie their own laces or send them with Velcro trainers as staff are not permitted to tie laces with being advised to maintain a 2m distance from the children kin their bubble.
Football kits cannot be worn.





As a school we have strict hygiene procedures in place.  Children will wash hands or use hand sanitisers (provided by school) on entry to school and at various identified points during the school day. 
Hand sanitiser will be used by the children at points during the school day.  This will be provided by the school and its use supervised by a member of staff,  
Please only send your child into school with an individual hand sanitiser if they have allergies to the school one. 

We ask that your child and whoever is bringing them into school washes their hands thoroughly before leaving home to help support us in this. 
Lessons on handwashing and ‘Catch it, bin it, kill it’ will take place. 

Infection control 
 To ensure the safety of all, the following procedures will be put in place.  Please help support us and help keep everyone safe by following the government directives. 
No child or adult who is showing any symptoms for coronavirus will be permitted into school. 
In the event of a child developing any symptoms during the school day they will be removed from the classroom and isolated.  They will be supervised by a member of staff (please be aware this member of staff will be wearing PPE equipment). 
From June 1st any staff member or child attending school who displays symptoms can be tested at national centres for Covid-19. It is important that if your child or anyone in your household has any corona virus symptoms they are tested.  We need a copy of the negative result before they can re-enter school. 
In the event of someone in school testing positive for Covid-19 we will follow guidance and directives issued by Public Health England.  If the school is closed to identified year groups or the whole school on any occasion then home learning will be provided for your child via a digital platform to ensure continuity of education.  

Dinner/Break times
Dinner times will be staggered and the children will eat in their classrooms, supervised by their dinner ladies. 
During playtimes each class ( Bubble) will play in a separate area as it is imperative that each bubble does not mix with others during the school day.

After school clubs and Breakfast clubs will operate from Monday as usual. The children will be supervised, as recommended by the Government, by one adult to 15 children. However, the children will be separated into different tables with the Bubble they have been with all day. This is to avoid cross infection in case of a case of covid.


I appreciate that some of these arrangements may seem complicated on paper – please be assured that these systems worked very well during our reduced year groups opening prior to the summer and the children quickly adapted to their new routines. 

As ever it is important that you are positive about these changes with your child to help reduce any anxieties they may have about returning to school.   
We are all very aware that the children will need time to readjust back into school life, learn the new routines and get to know their new teachers.  As such the initial days will focus on children’s social and emotional well-being and be spent on re-establishing friendships, getting to know the adults in their room and the new routines in their school day.  

Looking forward to welcoming all your lovely children back on Monday September 7th.
The staff of Kniveton school

For more information on Covid19 in schools and educational settings please visit