Derbyshire School Meals

In Derbyshire we have put a great deal of time, effort and money into creating healthy menus and promoting the healthy choices to pupils. We also want to provide parents with all the information they need about school dinners.

Our menus are on a four weekly cycle and include vegetarian options. If your child has any special dietary requirements then please speak your child's school. All our menus meet the current Government nutritional standards.  You can download our nutritional information with RDA guides here.

The recommended meal price for a Primary school child is £2.20 this is excellent value for money! (Price correct from September 2015).

Please note that sometimes our cooks have to make menu changes at short notice (for instance if there is a problem with food deliveries) but we aim to keep this to a minimum.

Free school meals in Derbyshire

Are you eligible for free school meals?

Please Apply Now

It is easy to apply for free school meals and you only need to do it once throughout the entire school life of your child (subject to no changes in circumstances).

You can apply on online at

By telephone on 01629 535743/01629 536400

Or request an application form from any school


Have you registered Pupil Premium?

For all pupils, from nursery to sixth form, it is really important to register for Pupil Premium.  By providing your school with brief details of National Insurance Number, Surname and Date of Birth of parent(s)/Carer(s) Derbyshire will be able to ensure they are claiming approximately £1,300 extra per eligible pupil per year from the Government.  Registration is simple and valid throughout the entire school life of your child.  Whether families are currently eligible or not the team will continuously check against the data to identify immediately if they do become eligible at any time.  Due to the current Ever Six funding pupils who have been eligible at any point remain eligible for the following six years for the additional funding.  Please ask about registering at school or contact the small friendly team by telephone on 01629 535743/01629 536400 or by e-mail at


Already receive Free School Meals?

There is no need to re-apply even if moving between schools.  You only need to inform the team if your financial or personal circumstances change (in particular your surname as we rely on this to do the check) change.


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On line            Call 01629 535743/01629 536400

Pick up an application form from any school        e-mail

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