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Gymnastics winners at QEGs 2019

Dance fun

Megan from QUEGs teaches us Dance

Head boy and girls

dance with Megan

Computers are an integral part of our le

Welcome to Spring Term!


We hope that you had a relaxing, fun packed Christmas break!


We wanted to let you know the exciting things that we have planned  for this term and also to inform you about what we will be covering in class.


We are delighted to be having a number of special visitors to our school this term. Firstly, we have a sports coach who will be delivering a football club and PE lesson every Friday.


Our next visit will be from the Clay rooms who will be showing us how to make animals using clay as part of our Art work. Every child will get chance to make an animal, and it will then be taken away to be dried in a kiln, glazed and returned to school.


Following that, on 24th January we are having a 'Greek Day' where we will be learning about many aspects of Greek life. We are hosting our own 'Olympics' in PE, learning about waterwheels, important Greek people, Greek writing, medicine, toys along with lots more! We are lucky enough to have The History Van come to visit us and to help us to make this a fantastic day.


In our school subjects this term we are learning:


Classes 2+3:


In R.E. we are doing pilgrimages, Christingle ( including the service at church) and moving onto How and why do Christians follow Jesus?


Journeys focusing on performance, rhythm and rounds. Moving onto street dance music after half term. We will be covering the skills of:

singing in different parts, creating dances that reflect musical features, identifying moods and textures, identify and explore rhythmic and melodic patterns.



History - Ancient Greece

Geography - The World






Rights and responsibilities



Animals/the world


Class 3:

Art in Class 3:

This half term is a Design and Technology project.

We are exploring and tasting Greek food. Then the children will be researching Greek recipes, culminating in cooking ( and eating!) a Greek starter. main course and dessert.

After half term we will be doing a painting unit to see how artists use colour to create atmosphere.

In Science Class 3 are learning all about life cycles and habitats of living things. We are learning the life cycles of flowering and non flowering plants, insects, amphibians, mammals and hoping to hatch our eggs in an incubator and butterflies.

English in Class 3: Our first topic this term is a narrative unit based on the Just Williams books. We will be watching the just William DVD, listening to the audio tapes and reading extracts from the books. Eventually we will be writing our own Just William story.


In GAPs we are learning and extending our knowledge of apostrophes for possession, the use of brackets, commas and dashes for parenthesis, how to use hyphens correctly, adverbs, time conjunctions, reordering sentences, relative clauses and the use of active and passive verbs.

Class 3 Maths- Fractions, decimals and percentages; ratio and algebra (year 6); Statistics; Arithmetic and tables (ongoing)


Keep checking the website for photographs of us at work and play!!


Mrs Gorman, Mrs Board and Mrs Robson

Year 6 pupils enjoyed a residential  trip to Whitehall with our Cluster schools. They enjoyed a wide range of activities including cycling, stream scrambling, canoeing and night hike.

The theme for British Science day this year was 'Journeys' and we based

this around transport.


Years 5 and 6 made balloon cars and investigated how to make them travel

the furthest. The children had such a fantastic time carrying out extra

science activities and making links with maths during their experiments.

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