Class 3

Gymnastics winners at QEGs 2019
Dance fun
Megan from QUEGs teaches us Dance
Head boy and girls
dance with Megan
Computers are an integral part of our le

Dear Parents,


It has been lovely to welcome all your children back this term, whether it has been on Teams or in person in school. We are so proud of how the children are managing to use the various features of Teams- as we are still learning alongside them. Thank you for your patience if technology sometimes fails us!


This term we are doing a Science topic on Earth in Space. The children will be learning about the theories of a flat Earth versus a spherical Earth, the planets, the Moon and the orbits that go on above our Heads. It will involve you doing a moon watch for a few weeks which should be fun.


Our Geography topic is Protecting planet Earth. We will be looking at climate changes and the use of sustainable resources. Unfortunately, we will have to put our exciting new link with the Wauju community in the Amazon Rainforest on hold, as we were preparing to film a video to send to our new friends.


Our Art topic is sculpture this half term. We will endeavour to do as much as possible with resources you have in the home.


In our R.E this term we will be thinking about what it means to believe in Ahimsa (harmlessness) Grace and Ummah (community.) We will consider how we care for others and the world and why it matters. After that we are looking at what Jesus would do- can we live by the values of Jesus in the 21st century? Some very big questions to explore!


Computing work will involve learning about concept maps and then learning how to touch type.


In Maths we are following the White Rose scheme of work. Year 6 are finishing learning about fractions, then will move on to decimals, percentages and algebra. Year 5 are finishing multiplication then will learn about fractions followed by decimals and percentages. The White Rose home learning section is very good and the online teaching tutorials are free to access. If your child is struggling with a concept taught in the live session then it would be a really good idea to watch the White Rose tutorials which you can find here 


Arithmetic is posted at the start of every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.


P.E. remains a very important part of our school life which is why we have asked our children to do an hour’s exercise each day, either using the resources we post online or just walking with the family / pets etc.


In English we will be looking at classic fiction such as The Jungle Book and then writing our own Just So stories. This will be followed by a unit on non-chronological reports which I know the children will love.


Year 5 have already had their weekly spelling list distributed before Christmas so it would be great if you can carry on doing a weekly test and letting me know how they have got on. Year 6 could continue to work on the Year 5/6word list that your child brought home before Christmas.


Our main message to you all is to stay safe. Don’t worry if technology sometimes means you can’t access a particular lesson- we are always here to help and support both you and your child.


We hope we see you all back in school very soon.


Mrs Board and Mrs Gorman


Year 6 pupils enjoyed a residential  trip to Whitehall with our Cluster schools. They enjoyed a wide range of activities including cycling, stream scrambling, canoeing and night hike.


The theme for British Science day this year was 'Journeys' and we based

this around transport.


Years 5 and 6 made balloon cars and investigated how to make them travel

the furthest. The children had such a fantastic time carrying out extra

science activities and making links with maths during their experiments.