Welcome to Class 1

Class 1- Spring term


The Spring Term is upon us and we wanted to let you know about some of the exciting things that will be happening this term and what your child will be learning about in Class 1.


Firstly we will be having a sports coach delivering lunch time football club on a Friday to all children who wish to take part across the school. Your child will need to have their PE kit in school to take part and there is no cost for this!


We are excited to let you know that the Clay rooms will be visiting us and the children will learn how to make a variety of animals which will then be kiln dried, glazed and returned to school for the children to paint. 



In our science lessons this term will be learning about animals including humans. This will include looking at animal babies, life cycles of humans, frogs and butterflies. We are hoping to hatch out chicks in an incubator!

We will be finding out that animals including humans have basic needs to enable them to grow and survive.

Later into the term we will be learning about healthy lifestyles, hygiene and the importance of eating a balanced diet. Finally we will be learning about how exercise keeps us fit and healthy.


Topic- History

Our topic work will begin with starting a new topic called ‘My Family History’. As part of this on Friday 24th January the children will be enjoying a visit from the ‘History Van’ where they will learn more about changes that have taken place from the 1950s to present day. The children will be able to learn about and handle a variety of artefacts from past school days, household and toys and games.

For the second half of spring term we will be learning about ‘Greatest Explorers. The children will investigate the lives and journeys of five explorers from various eras: Ibn Battuta, Captain Cook, Roald Amundsen, Captain Robert Falcon Scott and Sunita Williams. They will study an explorer from different perspectives, discussing what makes an explorer ‘great’, and who might not think that.



In maths coverage will be as follows:


Place Value to 100 (Year 1 only)

Statistics (Year 2 only)

Shape and their properties




We will begin the term with the focus being on traditional tales. These are also known as fairy tales. We will be reading The Enormous Turnip, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and The Three Billy Goats Gruff.

The children will learn to describe settings and characters. They will be retelling the stores in their own words and using drama to investigate characters and events. The children will then learn how to change parts of a story to write their own version.

We will also be learning about suffixes and how we can change words by adding the letters ‘-s’, ‘-es’, ‘-ing’, -’ed’, ‘-er’ and ‘-est’ to words. We will be using the words and, but, so and because to form compound sentences.

For the second half of the Spring term we will continue to base our work around traditional tales. The stories will include The Three Little Pigs and Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We shall also be creating acrostic poems linked to Easter.



Our first unit is D&T where we will be using clay to create nature sculptures, we will then be doing observational drawings of a natural object. We will be studying the work of the artist Andy Goldsworthy and comparing our own sculptures to his own work.

For the second half of the spring term, we will be following a unit called Dips and Dippers. The children will be learning about good food hygiene rules and how to use kitchen equipment to prepare food safely. The children will apply these skills when making and evaluating a healthy dip and dippers. The children will develop a better understanding of the `eat well plate’ and the implications of eating a healthy and balanced diet.


Throughout this term the children will be participating in activities linked to gymnastics and games.

Children will be learning how to lift, carry and use gymnastic apparatus safely. The children will be learning

how to travel safely and in different ways, at different speeds and levels. They will bounce, hop, hopscotch,

gallop, skip, tiptoe and run in different directions. They will learn to jump safely on the ground and onto and from

equipment. They will jump and roll into different shapes and put contrasting movements together to make sequences.

They will understand that we need to warm up and cool down our bodies before and after exercise.






We will be listening to stories from the Bible and recognising a link with a concept of `Gospel’ and the good news that Jesus brings.



We will be using the Purple Mash computing scheme of work to create our own e-books using the program 2Create a story, we will be adding animation to our stories. We will then be adding sound including voice recording and music. We will be sharing our e-books on a class display board.

In the second half of the term we will continue to use the Purple Mash computing scheme of work to work through a unit linked to Effective searching. The children will recall the meaning of key internet terms associated with searching. They will learn to identify the basic parts of a web search engine search page. They will create a leaflet to help someone search for information on the internet which will help to consolidate their knowledge about effective internet searching.



In our first unit the children will be exploring sounds in a unit called ‘Storytime’. The children will learn

how music can be used to tell a story. They identify contrasts of fast and slow, loud and quiet, leading to

a performance.

We will then be learning about ‘Pattern’ and the children will develop an understanding of metre- groups

of steady beat- through counting, body percussion and reading scores.

Our next unit will be ‘Machines’ and the children will explore beat through movement, body percussion

and instruments. They combine steady beat with words and explore changes in tempo. Finally we will be

exploring ‘Seasons’ through music. The children will further develop their vocabulary and understanding

of pitch movements, exploring pitch through singing, tuned percussion and listening games.

On the 11th February we will be participating in a drumming workshop delivered by a company called rhythmicity.



Our unit this term is all about ‘Relationships’. The children will be thinking about and discussing:

How behaviour can affect others, recognising what is fair and unfair, kind and unkind, right and wrong.

How to listen to other people and play and work cooperatively (including strategies to resolve simple arguments through negotiation).

Offering constructive support and feedback to others.

Identifying special people (family, friends, carers) and how they should care for each other.

On 10th February we will be visited by the fire service and take part in a fire safety workshop.


REQUESTS- We are always short of boys and girls undies, so if you have any spares that you no longer require please send them in for our children just in case of any little accidents! 


I hope you find this topic letter helpful in understanding some of the things that your child will be learning about this term and will enable you to help them with their learning at home.

Please keep an eye on the school website, Facebook page and Instagram for any updates on our learning in school.


Miss Firth and Mrs Raine

The theme for British Science day this year was 'Journeys' and we based

this around transport.



Reception children read the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and

made rafts for the Billy Goats to travel across the river to the

meadow. Their raft needed to float and not sink with the weight of the

billy goats!

Year 1 and 2 children made new bridges for the Billy Goats Gruff to

travel across (with no troll underneath) and had to make them strong

enough to hold as much weight as possible. One bridge held 1,700g in


The children had such a fantastic time carrying out extra

science activities and making links with maths during their experiments.

Request for paper copies- All information and policies contained on this website are available as paper copies, provided free of charge. 

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