Welcome to Class 1

Class 1- Welcome back


Welcome Back!


Firstly a warm welcome back to our existing parents and children! For our new parents of the Reception children- Welcome to Kniveton school. We are excited for your children to be joining us.

As you are aware from the ‘September opening of school’ letter that went out school is a little different at the moment but we are really looking forward to having the children back and we would like to reassure you that our first and top priority is to settle the children in and ensure that they are safe and happy.


It will be necessary for us to find out where there are gaps in the children’s learning, as a result of the Coronavirus, so we will be working on this during the first few weeks.  

As well as maintaining catch up lessons, we have a very fun filled year ahead and we would like to outline the learning that will take place this Autumn Term.



Our English lessons during the first part of the Autumn term will be based on stories with familiar settings – The Tiger who came to Tea, Whatever Next and Owl babies’.

We will then move on to writing labels and lists and to do this our focus texts will be non- fiction books about owls. In Autumn 2 as the weather gets colder, we will be thinking about Bonfire night and writing some descriptive poems. To enhance our learning on ‘the Great Fire of London’ we will be looking at baking bread and writing instructions. In the latter part of Autumn 2 we will be reading and working on the fantasy story ‘Mog’s Christmas’.  


The children will be taking part in a daily Letters and Sounds lesson which will focus on specific reading and spelling techniques.  These are split into ‘Phases’. Your child will work in the phase which is suited to their reading and spelling capability. See below for members of staff directing each Phase.

Phase 2: Mrs Resul

Phase 3: Mrs Omotosho/Mrs Taylor Grout

Phase 4 and 5: Miss Firth/Mrs Raine


Phonics is a vital part of the curriculum and will prepare your child for the Government phonics Screening Check in Year 1. Year 1 children usually take the phonics screening check in early June, however, due to school closures the check did not take place this year. Schools are now required to use a past version of the check with Year 2 pupils in November 2020. More information on this can be found 

Children will be receiving reading books tailored to their reading capability and we will be meticulous on ensuring that children are well matched. Therefore, we will be issuing books when we are sure that we know where each child sits within the phases.

Phonics will begin promptly when the children come into school at 9.10. Please ensure that your child is in school on time so as not to hinder the learning that is taking place.


Our topic for Autumn term 1 is called ‘People and Communities’ and the children will explore four different world journeys starting with their local area. They then look at a coastal, rainforest, dry (desert) and world city locations.

In Autumn 2 the children will swap to a history topic and learn about ‘Bonfire night and the Great Fire of London’.



This Autumn term we will be covering two science topics. The first half term will focus on Living things and their habitats where we will be exploring the school grounds and identifying and naming plants and habitats including micro-habitats. We will be identifying living, dead and, never been alive and investigating dependency and food chains. The second part of the term will be Uses of Everyday materials and the effect on materials of twisting, stretching, bending, squashing to change its shape.



In Design and Technology we will be designing and making our own forest/woodland linked to the story Owl Babies. They will be using the own experiences of being in a forest/woodland and photographs and non-fiction books as a stimulus for their designs. The children will be using techniques such as cutting, shaping, joining and finishing and they will explore how their models can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable. Finally, they will evaluate them against their design criteria. In Autumn 2 our focus will switch to a unit called Landscapes and Cityscapes. The children will create a landscape and / or cityscape using colour, texture, pattern and line. They will be learning about the work of a range of artists such as Monet, Van Gogh and Metzinger.



In R.E we will be exploring the theme of Who is a Muslim and what do they believe? In the build up to Harvest, we will be exploring the history and meanings of Harvest Festival celebrations. In the second half of the Autumn term we will be exploring the theme of Christmas and why does it matter to Christians? We will also be learning about the Hindu festival Diwali.


In our computing lessons we will be using The Purple Mash computing scheme of work to help us explore the theme of Online Safety. We will be learning how to refine searches using the Search tool. We will be identifying the steps that can be taken to keep personal data and hardware secure.



Schools have been made aware that singing, chanting, playing wind or brass instruments can increase the risk of infection, so we will be ensuring that our music lessons do not consist of these elements. This term we will be listening to and identifying a variety of environmental sounds, using our hands and feet to create body percussion and naming and playing a variety of percussion instruments in a range of ways.


PE for class 1 will take place on a Tuesday and a Thursday afternoon. Please ensure that your child comes to school wearing the correct PE kit as outlined in the ‘Reopening of school letter’. Earrings must be removed before PE if your child has pierced ears and hair should be tied back if long at all times during school.



  • Please encourage your child to bring in their water bottle to have on their table at all times. EYFS will take theirs up to the small classroom. Your child’s name should be written clearly on their water bottle. As we are a healthy school please make sure these do not contain juice!


Please remember that if your child feels unwell, you do not send them to school but contact the office to let them know. We are trying to keep illness and bugs at bay as much as we can!  


Finally, we look forward to a very happy and successful year for your child in Class 1.



Kind regards

Miss Firth and Mrs Raine

Class 1 Teachers

The theme for British Science day this year was 'Journeys' and we based

this around transport.



Reception children read the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and

made rafts for the Billy Goats to travel across the river to the

meadow. Their raft needed to float and not sink with the weight of the

billy goats!

Year 1 and 2 children made new bridges for the Billy Goats Gruff to

travel across (with no troll underneath) and had to make them strong

enough to hold as much weight as possible. One bridge held 1,700g in


The children had such a fantastic time carrying out extra

science activities and making links with maths during their experiments.

Request for paper copies- All information and policies contained on this website are available as paper copies, provided free of charge. 

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