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Dear Parents/Carers





Welcome to a new year at Kniveton! It isn’t quite what we were expecting but we are going to remain positive, make the best of the situation and enjoy what new learning is coming this term.


We welcome Miss Franklin our B.Ed final year student into Class 1 this term and we know that you will all make her feel very welcome.


During the first week, we have been learning lots about Microsoft Teams and sharing our learning online for you to access from home. We know that many of you have been working so hard already! Thank you also to the support that we have received from parents. We appreciate all that you are doing.


Below you will find a curriculum overview of the things that we will be covering in our learning this term.

Our Science unit for this term is Materials.

In this unit children will identify and discuss the uses of everyday materials and become familiar with how materials are used for different things. We will find out about famous people who developed useful new materials such as, John Dunlop, Charles Macintosh and John Mc Adam. You could speak to your child about what objects around them are made of and whether the materials are man-made or natural. Ask them to describe the characteristics of the materials (i.e. hard, soft, bendy etc.)


Our Literacy work will begin with Stories from other cultures and we will be watching a clip called ‘Zahra’ and writing a character description using the skills taught in this unit i.e- expanded noun phrases, exclamation sentences, questions etc..

After this we will then be learn about Non- Chronological Reports and the features of these. The children will write their own report about garden birds linking in nicely with the RSPB ‘Big Garden Bird Watch’ that takes place between the 29th- 31st January. Get some binoculars at the ready!  

Following on from this we will be reading the Fairy tales ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ where we will be writing letters from Goldilocks to the bears and then a reply from the Bears to Goldilocks. ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ which will link nicely to writing a newspaper report, then Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs which will lead us into writing our own version of a fairy tale.


You will find the spellings lists for the first half of Spring term in the files of your child’s Year group on Teams. Please continue to do these as you would at home normally and test your child weekly. I’d greatly appreciate it if you could photograph and upload the results of the weekly tests to Miss Firth on Teams.


In Mathematics we are following the White Rose scheme of work.

On Mondays and Tuesdays with Mrs Raine, Year 1 are working on Addition and subtraction within 20 and Place Value within 50.  Miss Firth will be teaching Measurement: Length and height on her Wednesday sessions.


Year 2 are learning about Multiplication and division followed by Statistics with Mrs Raine. Miss Firth will be teaching Geometry: Properties of shape on her Wednesday sessions.


Reception will be working on the composition of numbers to 5 and one less than. They will also be learning to count how many they can see, including representing zero. They will be comparing numbers to 5 and exploring equal and unequal groups.


In Computing we continue to follow the Purple Mash scheme of work. We will be using the 2Paint a Picture program to create artwork and pictures in the style of the artists Seurat, Piet Mondrian, William Morris, Monet, Degas and Renoir.


Our Topic this term will be geography ‘Journeys: Where food comes from’ and later in the term a history focus, which will be Holidays where we will be learning about how holidays have changed over time?


In R.E we shall be exploring the theme of - What does it mean to belong to a faith community? We will be talking about what is special and of value about belonging to a group that is important to us. We will also be developing an awareness that some people belong to different religions/faiths.


In Art we will looking at the work of William Morris and be exploring different ways of printing, including using everyday materials/ potatoes and different techniques.


We hope that this letter gives you an insight into your child’s learning over the coming weeks. And we look forward to welcoming your child back into school very soon.

In the meantime, stay safe and look after one another.


Thank you for your continued support,


Miss Firth and Mrs Raine.


The theme for British Science day this year was 'Journeys' and we based

this around transport.



Reception children read the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff and

made rafts for the Billy Goats to travel across the river to the

meadow. Their raft needed to float and not sink with the weight of the

billy goats!

Year 1 and 2 children made new bridges for the Billy Goats Gruff to

travel across (with no troll underneath) and had to make them strong

enough to hold as much weight as possible. One bridge held 1,700g in


The children had such a fantastic time carrying out extra

science activities and making links with maths during their experiments.